BG Renderer Max

BG Renderer Max gives you the ultimate power to render compositions with After Effects engine while still working within After Effects.
It is not using Adobe Media Encoder and allows you to control the processor load with adjustable Multiprocessing feature.

BG Renderer Max also allows you to set up your render workflow, with multiple post-render options like push notifications and file type conversion.

Key differences with the first version

  • BG Renderer Max now supports true multiprocessing.
  • New native notification system supports Slack and email.
  • Integration with Zapier, Microsoft Flow, IFTTT, and Pushover give you even more options for notifications and workflow enhancement.
  • Flexible post-render file type conversions make your life easier by automatically producing both sequence and video files.
  • Easy visual control of your render process with custom Render Queue view.

  • Installing BG Renderer Max

    Get ZXP Installer by aescripts, open it and drag BG Renderer Max.zxp into the interface.
    Relaunch After Effects and go to Window -> Extensions -> BG Renderer Max

    Using BG Renderer Max

    At this moment BG Renderer Max works with After Effects 2018 and up, with all languages but Chinese and Korean.

    Report Bugs and Suggest Features

    If you have bugs to report – please submit a support ticket as described in the Troubleshooting page.
    Attach screenshots or screen recordings of the issue.

    Use the same process for feature requests, or write us directly on Facebook to chat about BG Renderer Max.