Automate with Ifttt

IFTTT is an automation service for 2-step scenarios, like adding data to Google Sheets, sending emails, or Slack messages on a trigger.

You can easily recreate Email and Slack notifications with only IFTTT action.

Before you start, go to IFTTT website and register if you don't have an account yet.

Step 1

Go to IFTTT dashboard and click on New Applet.
IFTTT Step 0
Click on This.
IFTTT Step 1

Step 2

Search for Webhooks in Choose a service window.
IFTTT Step 2
Click on the Webhooks tile and then select the Receive a web request option.
IFTTT Step 3

Step 3

Name to your trigger. You may have multiple triggers, but they all should have different names.
IFTTT Step 4

Step 4

Now click on That.
IFTTT Step 5
Select a service you want to use for notification or action (Slack, Email), and go through the service setup process.
IFTTT Step 6

Step 5

Complete action fields
Unlike Zapier of Microsoft Power Automate, you may use only three Value fields for IFTTT and those are already preset as:
  • Value1 – Composition Name
  • Value2 – Render Path
  • Value3 – Render time

IFTTT Step 7

Step 6

Now go to the Webhooks page and click on Documentation.
IFTTT Step 9
Copy your Key
IFTTT Step 10
And paste it along with the trigger name from Step 3 to the IFTTT action interface in BGRenderer's Post-render actions.
IFTTT Step 11
Test the new Applet and continue working with BG Renderer Max
If you remove and then add the IFTTT action again, Key will be lost. Go back to your IFTTT dashboard to retrieve it and paste it again.