Push Notifications with Pushover

You can receive mobile and desktop notification after BG Renderer Max finished rendering process.
BG Renderer Max is using Pushover, the push notification service that can send notification on virtually any platform.

Pushover requires you to make a one-time payment of USD 4.99 (per platform) to keep using it forever.

The process for setting up pushover requires some tinkering on your side as well, but it also ensures your data is safe and secure with their servers.

Setting up Pushover

Go to pushover.net, register and verify your email address (this is necessary for the next step). When you log in to Pushover, you will see your User Key (you don't need the email address):
User Key
After you've verified your email address, go to Pushover Apps and create a new app called BG Renderer Max.
Create App
Click Create Application to receive the App Token. Insert it to the App Token field of Push Notifications Action.
App Key

Make sure you insert both tokens to the Pushover Action interface

Pushover Action

Mobile notifications

Install Android or iOs app and log in with your credentials.
Register your device, and you'll be able to receive the notifications.

Desktop notifications

Go to the desktop notifications page and follow the instructions.
You only need to register your browser and allow Pushover to send you notifications.


Go to the action interface, set the message title and body and click "Send Test Pushover Notification" to make sure all settings are correct.
Consider Zapier, IFTTT or Flow to send mobile notifications easily.