Send Email

BG Renderer MAX has its own servers to send you email notifications.
Just add Email action and add your email.

Add new email

Click on this button to add your email.
BGR Email Step 1

Verify email

You will be redirected to our website for email verification.
Open your email inbox to click on the link and verify the email address.
BGR Email Step 2

You don't have to do anything extra. BG Renderer Max will automatically catch the authorization token.

Choose email

Go back to the BG Renderer Max' interface.
You may add any number of emails, but choose only one for sending notification to.
BGR Email Step 3

Use Message Composer

Use Message Composer to create notification message.
Test the notification to make sure everything works as expected.
BGR Email Step 5
You may also configure Zapier, IFTTT or Microsoft Flow> to send you email notifications.