Sometimes we all need a little bit of troubleshooting.

Anything weird going on – Resetting State

Hold on Shift button and right-click on any part of the interface.
Click on the Clear current state and remove settings. It relaunches BG Renderer Max with a clean state on click.
Clear State

Known bugs


The error occurs randomly and doesn't allow to continue rendering.

How to fix:
Manually remove bgrenderer.aep file from the /Users/USERNAME/Library/Application Support/BgRendererMax/ folder.
We are working to fix it at the moment.

MacOS – Write Permissions

The error occurs while the render is in progress, though it does not affect the render.
This is an aerender issue. If you don't receive a notification of missing frames at the end of the render process, you may as well skip this one.
Write Permissions

MacOS – BGRenderer not installed correctly. Error Code: qrnt

This bug will either when you have a previous version on ZXP installer by aescripts, or any other installer, or some weird situation we haven't yet figured out.
First – get the latest ZXP Installer by aescripts and install BG Renderer Max again.
After the installation, hold Shift button and right-click anywhere on the interface, then click Clear current state and remove settings.
If the issue persist, open terminal (Ctrl + Space, then type Terminal) and input the following lines one by one:

  • sudo xattr -d "/Library/Application Support/Adobe/CEP/extensions/com.aescripts.bgrenderer2/.bin/bgrenderer2"
  • sudo xattr -d "/Library/Application Support/Adobe/CEP/extensions/com.aescripts.bgrenderer2/.bin/reader"
  • sudo chmod +x "/Library/Application Support/Adobe/CEP/extensions/com.aescripts.bgrenderer2/.bin/bgrenderer2"
  • sudo chmod +x "/Library/Application Support/Adobe/CEP/extensions/com.aescripts.bgrenderer2/.bin/reader"

  • Generating Logs

    Hold on Shift button and right-click on any part of the interface.
    Click on the +Enable backend logging button.

    Render anything with BG Renderer Max and go to the following folder:

    MacOS: /Users/USERNAME/Library/Application Support/BgRendererMax/
    Windows: C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\BgRendererMax\
    If your project is located on any disk other than C, or network location, logs are saved at:

    Your log files are there. Archive them and send along with the bug report.

    Submitting a Support Ticket

    Click on the menu icon next to BG Renderer Max name in the panel name, select Support – Report Bug and write your bug report in the new window.

    Bug Report

    You will be redirected to aescripts website to complete the process.