Sending Slack Messages

Slack Action sends you notifications to the selected team and channel on the render finish. This action requires you to only have a Slack account and doesn't use any third-party service.

Connecting Slack and BG Renderer Max

BG Renderer Max uses Slack Legacy Token system, which is a bit outdated but allows us not to store or pass any of your personal information and keep it all local.

First, follow this link to generate a Slack Legacy Token.

Authorize and scroll down to the workspace list, choose the one you want to use for notifications, then click Create Token to get a token.
Slack Token

After you have a token, paste it to the action interface and click Connect

Slack Token - Interface
After you've passed the token, you will see the action interface:
Slack Action Interface
Choose the channel for sending Post-Render notification.
Slack Channel List

Setting up notification text

Use the Message Composer to edit the notification message.
Test Slack notification to make sure everything is set up properly and ready to go.
If you need to post to multiple channels, add more Slack actions.

Consider Zapier, IFTTT or Flow to send multiple Slack notifications.