Limiting maximum CPU load for BG Renderer Max

BG Renderer Max 1.0.12 introduces the new feature – CPU Limiter Beta.
This feature is useful for AE2020 systems that tend to take all available CPU resources for rendering.

CPU Limiter Overview

Current CPU load and limit appear when you start rendering:
CPU Limiter Overview
The CPU load is the total load over all logical cores, so it may exceed 100%. 16-core CPU may show up to 1600% of the load.

Limit maximum CPU usage

Click on the Limit percents and adjust the slider:
CPU Limiter – Slider
CPU limiter sets the cap for the maximum CPU utilization over all logical cores, so setting it to 80% guarantees to leave at least 20% of CPU resources for other tasks.

While the CPU Limiter feature is pretty consistent for macOS at the moment, your experience may vary on Windows, depending on the amount of CPU and memory taken up by the system processes and make and model of the CPU.