Render Settings

Render Settings

Render folder

    Project folder – this option puts all your renders into the BGRenders subfolder.
    As in render queue – leaves render folder as set in the Render Queue.
    Custom – Set the custom folder.

No matter what option you choose, BG Renderer Max does not replace existing files or sequences but creates new files with suffixes and new subfolders for sequences to keep versioning.
This behavior can not be turned off.

What to render

Control what to add to the Render Queue

    Only render queue – you create the Render Queue yourself (default).
    Add to RQ and render – adds current composition, or compositions selected in the Project panel, to the Render Queue.
    Only active or selected – cleans the Render Queue and adds current composition, or compositions selected in the Project panel, to the Render Queue.

Render queue handle

Choose what to do with your Render Queue after the render finishes

    Unqueue finished (default)
    Do nothing
    Clean render queue

Post-Render actions order

Set the order of Post-render actions.
Sequence to video is also a post-render action, so if you have a lot of heavy renders going on, it's better to start post-render actions after all comps.

    After each comp
    Only on the last item – launches Post-render actions only for the last item. Use this option to get notified on the Render Queue completion


Enable this checkbox to render your composition in multiple threads simultaneously. When you do so, the thread counter appears next to the the Render button.

Sequence file format

BG Renderer Max has three sequence presets:

    TIFF – for speed, but heavyweight
    JPG – for speed-weight balance
    PNG – slower, but better for storing and archives

Select As in render queue in the dropdown if you wish to use your sequence presets.

List of supported custom sequence formats:


If the custom sequence is not in one of the supported formats, BG Renderer Max resets it to JPG. PSD is not supported.

Save sequence versions

When enabled, every time you start the render, BG Renderer Max creates a new folder for the sequence, thus keeping all the previous renders.

Versioning allows you to go back to the previous versions quickly.
To turn versioning off, uncheck this checkbox.Keep Audio

When unchecked, BG Renderer Max would always render to the set folder with Skip Existing Frames turned on, so you may use it for the network rendering.
Read more about multiprocessing on this page.

Keep audio

When enabled, BG Renderer Max renders WAV file along with the sequence.
Enable Compile video file to add the audio output to the video file.

BG Renderer Max will add one render queue item with BGRenderer2_WAV output module template for each item in the After Effects queue.Keep Audio
These items won't appear as separate in the BG Renderer Max render queue.

Compile Video File

Enable this checkbox to run Sequence to Video Action for each composition rendered.

Select one of the ready-made presets:

    H264 – Fast or Slow, both produce .mp4 file
    QuickTime Animation – produces QTRLE codec .mov file
    ProRes 422LT and 422HQ – produce .mov files, even on Windows