Automate with Zapier

Zapier is a free service that lets you connect multiple services and get free notifications, SMS, email and much more.

Before you start, go to Zapier website and register if you don't have an account yet.

Step 1

Go to Zapier dashboard and click on Make Zap
Zapier Step 1

Step 2

Search for Webhooks in Choose a Trigger App window
Zapier Step 2

Step 3

Select Catch Hook and click on Save and Continue
Zapier Step 3

Step 4

Copy the generated URL
Zapier Step 4

Step 5

Go to BG Renderer Max's Post-Render tab and add Zapier action.
Paste the URL to the text field and click Test Zapier Integration
Zapier Step 5

Step 6

Go back to the website and wait till you see the Sample screen
Zapier Step 6

Step 7

Add action like send Email or Slack message
Zapier Step 7

Step 7

Add action like send Email or Slack message
Zapier Step 7

Step 8

Set up the message
Zapier Step 8
Notice how you can use custom BG Renderer tags like CompName, FilePath, FPS and RenderTime while composing the message text.
Zapier Step 9
Free Zapier account allows you to set up five 2-step zaps. This means that you will have one trigger (BG Renderer) and one action (any notification).

Test the new Zap and continue working with BG Renderer Max
If you remove and then add the Zapier action again, Zap URL will be lost. Go back to your Zapier dashboard to retrieve it and paste again.