Sequence to Video

BG Renderer Max can automatically compile rendered image sequences to video files.
On the backend, this action launches FFmpeg with the parameters already set.

How it works

Sequence to Video action is added automatically on top of the actions list when you enable Compile video in the Render Settings tab.

This action cannot be added otherwise or removed from the action list manually, only by unchecking Compile video checkbox.
Sequence to Video Action


Save video to a custom folder allows you to separate the source Sequence and final video renders (e.g. put compiled video to a Dropbox folder and keep sequence files local).

Remove sequence files after render first puts all sequence files in a _BGRMAX_SEQ_TMP subfolder and removes it after compiling sequence to a video.


Choose a preset in the Render Settings tab.
BG Renderer Max ships with five presets:
Presets List
    H264 – Fast or Slow, both produce .mp4 file
    QuickTime Animation – produces QTRLE codec .mov file
    ProRes 422LT and 422HQ – produce Apple Prores .mov files, even on Windows


BG Renderer Max can't compile .EXR or .DPX sequences to video. You are going to receive a warning message.